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31 Jul

How hot is your mother? Ask Oliver Reed’s drunk ghost (stored inside a computer).

One for the American market, hosted by Cat Deeley.


Sir Mometer

30 Jul

Series about a brave Arthurian knight who is abnormally sensitive to temperature

The Society of Friends have got Talent

30 Jul

Quaker talent show.

the twist is that it takes the form of a quaker meeting in which people wait until the spirit moves them to audition. Furthermore, there is no panel of judges or voting but they must choose the winners and losers unanimously, as is their wont.


30 Jul

Cash in on popular teen book series.  A Gladiators-style contest between Werewolves and vampires, hosted by Justin Lee Collins and Asia Argento

Challenge Arnica

30 Jul

Ageless Anneka Rice must find solutions to a wide variety of problems using only medicinal plants

Penelope Keith’s Agape

30 Jul

3-part exploration of the type of love typified by that of God to Man presented by the popular and distinguished actress

Raisin D’etre

28 Jul

A cookery show/adventure serial.

Someone has stolen all the raisins, our intrepid bakers have to track down all the raisins they can find. Hot on the trail of the nasty old baddie. As they find raisins they excitedly and carefully cook a recipe that features them – like that bit in The Road when they drink the coke – again and again and again. They bloody love raisins.

The Avengers with a more matronly Purdie.