Archive | August, 2010

The Hay Team

31 Aug

West Country spin off of the popular American show, in which a gang of mercenaries on the run from the law work on a farm, constructing a threshing machine out of some old cardboard and string.


Executive power

27 Aug

A team of high powered businessmen come together to fight benefit cheats, lazy people, and artists.

Martin sorrell throws exploding bank notes around like Gambit

Alan Sugar has the power to conjure huge volumes of sugar (sometimes he teams up with James Caan who can create fire and they burn people to shit with massive floods of molten toffee)

Philip green is able to concentrate his ability to be a cunt into a beam of pure horror that he shoots out of his Tag Heuer watch.

Putting Descartes Before the Whores

25 Aug

It’s Coito Ergo Sum in this exciting follow-up to Putting The Barthes Before The Whores!

Putting The Barthes Before The Whores

22 Aug

Fallen women are taught about literary theory in this gritty documentary, narrated by Patrick Moore.  Will any of them learn anything?  Will any of them bother to try?

Tune in for the petit mort of the author!

Shakespeare in Hove

22 Aug

The famous playwrite opens up a sleazy nightclub – King Leer – in Brighton’s near neighbour.  Hilarity ensues


18 Aug

Having failed to bring home the World Cup, Fabio takes the England football team to the World Unaccompanied Singing Championships.  Will their version of “World in Motion” take the cup?

Terse docudrama narrated by John Barnes

Kaspooki Theatre

17 Aug

Televised stylised Japanese dance theatre.  The marketable twist is that all the performers are ghosts