This is your wife

3 Aug

Think Mr and Mrs but horrible. In this gameshow a husband is presented with an in depth profile and dramatisation of their wife’s life. all the horrid bits are revealed. He also watches a full medical examination and discovers her medical, psychological, and educational history- of course, all the horrid bits are revealed. All without knowing who it is until he works it out for himself. So the first question is – how long will it take him to realise, and the second is will he still love her?  He gets a small memento trophy for recognising her (think blankety blank check book and pen but with a sad face), and if he still loves her he wins a holiday – if he doesn’t he wins the legal fees for a divorce. the sole nice thing about this program is that in monetary terms – its a win win.

A horrid, miserable, reprehensible program – presented by cheery happy Fearne Cotton, alongside Will Self.


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