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WWF wrestling

29 Sep

Watch endangered animals wrestle each other for their species’ survival. A league system that brings Darwinian theory to the ring as these animals duke it out week by week. The winner gets a million pounds to support their species’ conservation – the loser gets wiped put along with their entire species. Michaela Strachan and Richard Dawkins present alongside The Rock.


Boss A Nova

26 Sep

Follow Springsteen as he collaborates with Brazilian musicians and designers from Hugo Boss to create an all singing all dancing theatre experience dedicated to supernovas.

In The Knight Garden

25 Sep

Horticultural show hosted by Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Patrick Moore, in which they show you how to get the best out of your patch of land whilst wearing full armour.


24 Sep

Ross Kemp and June Brown host this extreme safari hunting show, with excitable narration by Barbara Windsor.  Her excited squeals of “finish him! Finish him!” are sure to be a playground hit.

Brasserie or bust

22 Sep

A sitcom about a group of ex-glamour models that decide to start a small brasserie to provide themselves with some much needed support. See the ups and downs of this group of friends as they try to win their way in business and manage their personal lives, will they manage to hold together, or will things start to come between them. A classy uplifting script that never rests upon innuendo but instead prefers to keep abreast of modern culture, all delivered with a Frasier-esque high brow character.

Bags of fun

Don’t Tell The Hyde!

22 Sep

I’m thinking BBC3 for this one.  Mild-mannered physician Dr Jekyll has to organise every detail of his alter-ego’s rampage before transforming.  A film crew will be on hand to ensure that the ravening beast keeps to his neatly-drafted itinerary.

(Incidentally, I had to google “Don’t Tell The Bride” to make sure I’d got the format right.  The bbc’s own website describes it thus:

“Series in which the groom must choosing every detail of his wedding, from venue to cake to wedding dress.”

Is it now cool to type in an Everything is Illuminated patois?  I don’t know, I’m not down with the kids – I had to google Don’t Tell The Bride)

Read Steady Spook

20 Sep

Cookery show for ghosts hosted by Ainsley Scary-ott.