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Born Free : Everywhere in Chains

31 Oct

Fly-on-The-Wall documentary cum social experiment in the tradition of Big Brother in which the entire staff of Starbucks are replaced by lions


Camille or No Camille

30 Oct

26 boxes.  Each of them contains a french revolutionary screed, only one of which is by colourful Dantonist Camille Desmoulins.  Pick the box by pure chance, you win a hundred pounds but forfeit the right to a defence in any subsequent trial you may be embroiled in when your faction falls out of favour.

Meal or No Meal

30 Oct

Similar to the currently running channel 4 coincidencathon hosted by Crinkly Bottom’s most famous resident but with the destitute.  26 boxes, some of which have delicious 3 course meals and restaurant vouchers, others containing scab sandwiches and pop tarts.

Veal or no Veal

30 Oct

Very similar to Noel Edmunds’ channel 4 blind chance juggernaut, but with calves.  26 boxes, 25 full of meat, one with a real live baby cow.  Riveting.


(pitched by Patrick of

Cast byron

27 Oct

A mad scientist decides to create a massive iron robot and put the soul of a dead fella in it. Turns out the dead fella is Byron and he wants some ladies. So he brings back a few, obviously his sister first but he works his way up to Mary Shelley who is obviously pretty pissed off by the irony of the situation.

Cash in The Arctic

24 Oct

Sitcom in which David Dickinson, played by Tim Wonnacott and Tim Wonnacott, played by David Dickinson start an antiques shop – in the frozen Arctic tundra!  With hilarious results


19 Oct

Piccaso was a man, but this programme asks the question; what if he’d been a woman?

Exploratory drama documentary with Emma Watson, Abi Titmuss, Emma Thompson, and Felicity Kendall (still steaming hot) playing Chickasso through the ages.