Archive | November, 2010

Rolling Stone

21 Nov

Ambient post-pub viewing in which transatlantic chanteuse Joss Stone warbles whilst rolling down some of Britain’s best-loved inclines.  Filmed at odd angles with oversaturated colours this is sure to be hit amongst students, idiots and insomniacs, three important demographics with a large overlap.


Teal or no Teal

18 Nov

Teal or no teal

a version of changing rooms in which the contistants have only one choice to make, will they paint something in the room teal, or won’t they.

from walls to refrigerators everything in a house must either be left as it is or painted teal, a simpler kind of interior decoration.

Slow Djinn

15 Nov

The adventures of a genie who isn’t very clever

Pope or no pope

6 Nov

Bringing a new sense of youth and relevance to the catholic church in this thrilling new game show. 13 large confession boxes and contestants must eliminate them with the hope that they will get to meet the pope, they range from containing cardinals to religious studies teachers. To add additional excitement one box contains a secular celebrity too add a frisson of religious crisis. Will you lapse before you actually meet the pope. Of course you have to have Noel Edmunds to present.