Archive | December, 2010


28 Dec

A really underserved niche will be satisfied with this lib-dem themed quiz show.  It features a cash prize which actually turns out to cost the winner money


Captain Harlot

28 Dec

empowering puppet caper featuring an indestructible fallen woman

Missal and I’ll Come To You

28 Dec

festive ghost story in which John Hurt and/or Michael Hordern dig up a liturgical mass book from the beach and are pursued by a sinister ghostie figure

Bug Cock, Normal Cock

28 Dec

edgy reinterpretation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis


28 Dec

Sports show with commentary by old people, along the lines of “He’s had a touch of the tar brush!” and “I can’t stand that Claire Balding.”

One commentator would also keep talking about one of the sports for half an hour after it finished, and they would all regularly bemoan the camerawork

Shaft in the Arctic

20 Dec

Popular black man goes to the whitest place on earth. His mission? Simply to save the polar bears.

Queen’s Speech

13 Dec

Brian May and Roger Taylor Speak to The Nation on Christmas Day