Archive | January, 2011

Distant Friends

31 Jan

All the classic Friends storylines (“WE WERE ON A BREAK” AH haha ha) transposed into an alternate universe in which the Friends live in different countries and communicate almost exclusively through social media, skype, different instant messenger programs and so on.


Chat show

29 Jan

A show about cats in france. By cats for cats. New ground in public service broadcasting.

Starsky and Putsch

20 Jan

Two New York cops stage a coup d’etat – to the extreme exasperation of their boss, who gives them “one last chance” to restore order in the now-riot-torn streets of the 5 buroughs.¬† Knockabout fun.

Justin Blieben

17 Jan

Its the end of the world and everyone has left except Justin Bieber; who remains, stranded in Germany, the last habitable place on earth. Luckily his paranoid middle ages saw him try everything to regain his youth and now although he looks really weird he is invincible.  Eventually he finds that there is infact a small number of people left behind. He meets a lady and together once she has gotten over his strange plasticy face and her memories of his brief fame in the past, they are able to come together to start to repopulate the earth, one invincible tween at a time.


17 Jan

The Liberator, now unmanned, zooms around the universe as its on-board computer solves crimes.  For fans of 1970s science fiction and Michael Dibdin novels

Chewy nights

14 Jan

A remake of Boogie nights, exactly the same scene by scene except you can’t understand what anyone is saying because they are chewing toffee the whole time. This could be the basis for an excellent series of remakes.


13 Jan

Brett Lee, Glen Mcgrath, Stuart MacGill and Shaun Tait move into a flat on the Chatsworth estate in this one-off special