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17 Feb

Sitcom based on the true life story of Roland Barthes little known first career as a butcher – just imagine the high japes that ensued as a result of his critical and deconstructive approach to making sausages. However comedy soon turns to thriller as we find out the truth about the death of his boss, its up to Barthes and his florist next door neighbour Umberto (he knows the names of all of the roses) to solve they mystery of the death of the butcher.




17 Feb

Mikhail Gorbachev founds a pear orchard, follow his travails as he attempts to build a successful Perry business. He uses his business as an allegory to expound his views on Russian politics and economics. In some ways this should be considered a sequel to his influential piece of Pizza Hut advertising

Obviously Mark Watson is going to narrate this one; because that boy knows how to be wry, and he knows about Perry.


Star Trek : Enterprise

16 Feb

Picard and Riker start a small business, and it takes all their skills honed through fighting the Borg to start to turn a profit in these days of straitened finances.

Xena, Worrier Princess

16 Feb

Lucy Lawless stars as Xena, who has to juggle declining support for the monarchy, rising republicanism and a series of sex scandals within the royal family.  The drama comes from the fact that she’s quiet, mousy and prone to bruxism

The Whig society

14 Feb

Hypothetical docudrama in which the coalition government is transported back in time to the 19th century where they must attempt to get the great reform bill through government – a true test of political nouse for these upstarts.

Meanwhile the Whig party come from the past to rule in the present – what will they make of politics today?

A program about Wigs, and a program about Whigs, to be narrated by a double act of Jeremy Paxman and Brian Blessed.

Extreme makeover library edition

14 Feb

That big sobbing rubber faced bequiffed and bebleached American sap comes and helps universities rejuvenate their libraries in the face of the funding crisis.  See as librarians shush these over enthusiastic yanks as they attempt to breathe life into the shabby interiors of the libraries of our neglected educational institutions. Watch as students get mildly pissed off that their access to the modern languages section is being limited by the installation of a full size basketball court.  Because this is England, and these are universities there is nothing but cynicisim and abuse for the American team of self-styled heroes, they end up crying like usual but out of despondence and failure, not triumph.

See the spirits of these  chirpy yanks crushed by cold librarians and heavy reference books.

Hard boiled Greg

2 Feb

A man called greg is boring. But he performs his entire boring life as if he were a hard-boiled detective. Hear him describe in gritty harsh prose the hiss of cars as they pass him, the stinging rain and the sharp knives of light reflected off the sheer macadam road as he walks to co-op. Watch him pick up women with charming lines like “You’re a soft girl in a tough world; you need to save yourself before you get lost in this tough break town – do you want to go to Pizza Express with me on Monday?”. Martin Clunes to play greg in this emotion led comedy drama. It all works out ok in the end but not before its a little bit rubbish for a bit too.