Archive | May, 2011

Mersey Whore

31 May

The possibly-libellous memoirs of Liverpool’s favourite prostitute, dramatised with some thinly-veiled versions of popular 1960s beat icons – so the audience can both guess who they are supposed to be, and enjoy that there are tits on show.


Jersey whore

31 May

This crime thriller updates Bergerac for the 21st century. John Nettles returns as a grizzled and unfashionably racist detective in the vice squad. Teamed with a sad eyed woman who only speaks Danish he must crack an international human trafficking ring.

Bleak and rainy, great sweaters ITV2 meets BBC 4.

Jersey Shaw

30 May

3-part series examining George Bernard Shaw’s extensive collection of knitwear.

Live at Apollo’s

30 May

stand-up comedy show hosted by the Greek Sun-God.  If he doesn’t like the act, he gets his dad to zap the comedian with thunderbolts.  I think there’ll be a ‘phone vote involved somehow too, to help cover the massive insurance premiums.

The Only Way is Wessex

30 May

Tawdry and exploitative updating of Thomas Hardy’s tales for a modern audience