Archive | July, 2011

Josie Wrong

26 Jul

A general knowledge quiz show with a twist presented by Josie Long. The twist is the contestants usually get the answers right but Josie always gets them wrong. Confusing and ultimately deeply unsatisfying to watch. But sometimes she does a bad impression of Ann Robinson from Weakest Link and thats quite funny.


Green Jersey shore

25 Jul

Mark Cavendish and the HTC team appear in this reality t.v. spin off in which the characters of Jersey Shore must attempt to become an semi-pro racing team. Whilst the hope is that this would be farcical it ultimately turns out that several of the people from Jersey Shore are real contenders; the tone changes in the second series when we follow the pair as they work their way up through the ranks until they eventually get places in two separate teams for the Tour de France. The final episode sees the two of them competing with Cavendish for a stage win.

tagline: we just thought it would be funny

dvd extra: get the virtual experience of watching it with David Millar as he appears on your screen watching the program responding to it with abstract expressionist painting, constantly smoking unfiltered cigarettes and scowling.

Thick Hedge

21 Jul

Geoffrey Boycott presents this boisterous investigation into the stupidity of the hedge fund industry. He argues that the economy should learn from his batting and opt for slow and steady growth at the expense of risk.  Constant use of cricketing metaphors and some baffling sections in which cricket footage is overdubbed with lengthy sections of economic reportage.

Illuminating, and a bit shouty.

A Bout de Souflee

12 Jul

A cookery program; each week two famous boxers must compete to make a souflee; while it cooks they do one round in the ring. Presented by a terrified Andrew Marr who flinches at every move the boxers make and a all too enthusiastic Greg Wallace who tries to hard to endear himself to the boxers; often incurring their ire and their fists. Finally a program which brings together incisive interviews, competitive cookery, and physical violence.


12 Jul

A remake of the classic french film in which everyone is out of breath the whole time. I guess thats what happens if you smoke that much.