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29 Aug

Just as The Only Way Is Essex has its Made In Chelsea, Hollyoaks too needs its posh counterpart,  Jollyoaks.  Jollyoaks follows the adventures of a disparate bunch of venal, rich youths who also live in Chester.  It can be filmed on mostly the same sets and be set in the same universe but the characters from each of the shows shall never meet, and nor shall their storylines intersect.

This serves two purposes :  it cashes in on the fashion for unlikeable monied teenagers who were born into privilege and also serves to draw attention to the widening class divides in today’s Britain.


Don’t Scare Darrell Hair!

29 Aug

Impenetrable gameshow in which celebrity contestants must bowl out members of the public without no-balling or bowling wides.  Featuring a huge and baffling animatronic  umpire Hair with glowing red eyes and a big robotic finger.

The Beach Beneath The Streets

29 Aug

Mike Skinner hosts this documentary about the Situationist International movement whilst hovering in a helicopter over Great Yarmouth seafront.

Oh No its not Solid!

29 Aug

Changing rooms meets jeremy beadle in this show of high japes and practical jokery.  Ostensibly a  house make over show presented by dick from dick and dom and robert llewelyn bowen, but all is not as it seems. Member’s of the public have their houses redecorated but once they’ve gotten over the initial pleasure at seeing their new room they come to realise that nothing in the room is solid. Ornaments made from jelly and melting ice, carpet concealing a reservoir of custard and paint that starts to drip off of the walls almost as soon as you look at it.

Although intended to be a comedy it could be that it amounts to little more than watching innocent members of the public bullied whilst Dick and Robert Llewelyn Bowen laugh maniacally.

Funny at times but with a risk of being ultimately quite tragic.

Application Application Application – Guest post from Leah Ann Sullivan

26 Aug

Two smug but likeable home counties types find job vacancies for unemployed people to apply for. They could say things like “It is rather out of your area of expertise but it’s been available for three months so I think you really stand a chance here.” Then they’d commiserate in a smug but likeable manner when they failed to get it. At the end they would do a recap and finish with something like “Well Jerome didn’t manage to get the job as Executive Director of Microsoft but the great news is that he’s currently found this lovely career stacking shelves at Tesco.

Holy Grailway Children

24 Aug

In this surprising first series in the much anticipated Railway Children reboot in which we see the children discover a mysterious letter from the Knights Templar which leads them on a mystical quest on their magic train through time and space to seek the Holy Grail. Also there is something about Opus Dei. Jenny Agutter to play their mother, starring some of the people from So Solid Crew.

“Very modern…” says Radio Times