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Occupy Location Location Location

22 Nov

Kirsty and Phil with the help of a nice young hippy guide young families with low incomes around cities helping them choose which property to squat and what their legal position is. At the end of every episode Kirsty and Phil deliver an ultimatum to the country – they will not stop their campaign to re-possess disused properties on behalf of the poor until the government confiscates second houses, heavily regulates the housing market creating clear pricing tiers not sponsoring 95% mortgages but instead subsidising first purchases and forcing down prices and invests in a massive new drive to build and purchase houses so that the pre-thatcher rate of 40% of people in council housing can be re-established.


Urban Crufts

22 Nov

A television series that takes the winning dogs from crufts on an urban adventure. Parkour experts, skateboarders and other urban sport enthusiasts escort each nimble dog through the streets of London. On the rooftops they often pass un noticed and the film also provides the opportunity for us to witness the truth of inner city life across the world. A species and culture clash that has a gritty urban moral. Presented by Zane Lowe (who else?)