Archive | December, 2011

Prostate Expectations

27 Dec

Young Pip, the son of a kind-hearted blacksmith, is visiting an eccentric spinster when he has a cancer scare


Joyeux Noel

21 Dec

Famous optimist Noel Edmunds embarks on a literary tour of France in an old Jaguar convertible with Melvin Bragg. Their purpose is to explore the idea of joy in French Literature whilst driving around and having a jolly good time.

Children Of The Stones

19 Dec

The offspring of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts move to a village famed for its stone circle, but find strange goings-on up at the manor house, where the sinister squire, played by Paul McCartney, schemes and plots.

The Only Way is Rome

19 Dec

A lascivious peek at the day to day lives of the young and wealthy in Rome during Caligula’s reign. Watch them party, watch them fight, watch them get all uppety in cafes, watch them be surprisingly upset about small things, watch them get really drunk.


9 Dec

The dog who is the biggest rascal is a winner. events include sausage theft and postman badgering.

Never Mind The Bloodspots

6 Dec

Music quiz for consumptives.  They compete to win a stay in a sanitorium, from where they join the studio via videolink, fighting week-to-week to stay in the beneficial mountain air.

Britains Got Talons

6 Dec

A falconry show with Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff.