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Who does Nancy Drew want to be a Millionaire?

6 Jan

Its Occupy Nancy Drew in this one off docudrama. Nancy Drew brings her down to earth all American values to the question of who should have all the money. She investigates oligarchs and takes charge of a wealth confiscation scheme. Why should Grumpy old Warren Buffett have all the money when small town hero Mr. Buffet suffers financially even though his catering service is the best in all Wisconsin.


Downtown Abbey

6 Jan

A drama about an Abbey setting up in a run down area of 1980s Los Angeles. Watch as the Monks and the hoodlums learn about each other and about themselves. Father Dowling Mysteries meets the Wire.

Hang about

6 Jan

Can Vinnie Jones hold onto a tree branch for longer than a Sloth can

not really, no.

but its less boring than you might think. It actually gets quite philosophical. Joey Barton and Eric Cantona to present.