Archive | May, 2012

Miami Voice

29 May, Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny from the script present this program about singing escort girls in Miami.


Hemingway’s beard.

29 May

A nautical themed sitcom set inside Hemingway’s beard during a fishing trip.

The Gododdinbetweeners

26 May

Comedy about four foul-mouthed, misfit teenage boys who bond when they assemble with  many other young men, feast with them for a year, and then are slaughtered in a massive battle along with most of their fellow warriors.  For comedic purposes the series would have to focus mostly on the year of feasting, perhaps doing a ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ at the end of the last episode.

Barey Hikers’ Best of British

26 May

Two portly gents show us the best in nude rambling this country’s got to offer.

May of The Triffids

25 May

Loose adaptation of John Wyndham’s classic novel, in which James May and the rest of the Top Gear team are blinded and left to fend for themselves in a Britain full of carnivorous plants


Bonnie Thatcher

25 May

Bonnie Tyler and Margaret Thatcher come together at last to present this program about roofing and curly hair.

Snacks Factor

24 May

Simon Cowell judges Snacks.