Archive | July, 2012

Inspector Horse

15 Jul

There are big changes afoot in the Oxfordshire constabulary.  Lewis is called into the office of his superior officer and told he’s being transferred to the mounted division.  When he gets to the police stables he hears his assigned horse companion whispering to him in the gruff voice of his deceased sleuthing companion Morse.  Together they solve crimes.  For fans of Morse and Randall & Hopkirk.


Little Remorse (Guest collaboration by Lucy Barrett and Jenny Millman)

7 Jul

A twist on the series Lewis in which Lewis becomes haunted by a tiny spectre of Morse. Morse is haunting Lewis because, as it transpires in this series, Lewis was ultimately responsible for Morses death. But Lewis seems hardly phased at all and shows a cold hearted attitude that he has never revealed before.

Littlest Morse

7 Jul

Inspector Morse as you’ve never seen him before. The wonders of modern video editing technology have enabled the entire Inspector Morse series to be remade with Morse now shrunk down to be less than a foot tall. Adorable and cerebral.


7 Jul

An adventure story about a young man who sets out to catch all of the popes who in this fantastic world live wild in hedgerows and long grass throughout the countryside. Emotional and thrilling, with a frisson of guilt. Ashton Kutcher stars with Brian Blessed as the voice of God.