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Dream of the Waterloo Rood

1 Sep

Musical adaptation combining Caedmon’s Old English poem with the music of Abba


Waterloo Rowed

1 Sep

To be comissioned while the nation still basks in the afterglow of the Olympics and Paralympics.  It’s a Knockout-style Saturday night fare in which two teams of scullers must compete to be fasted along a stretch of water while singing the winning song from the 1974 Eurovision song Contest.  If they go too out of tune from over-exerting themselves they will incur a time penalty, adjudicated by a team of judges in swivelly chairs, probably.  I;m imagining an on-screen pitch-checker graphic as well.

Wallace and Gobbet

1 Sep

An elderly inventor and his surprisingly switched-on pooch analyse small extracts of text for your amusement and education

William Wallace and Gromit

1 Sep

With Horrible Histories riding a wave of popularity at the moment, the plasticine pair team up with the Scots warrior in an educational romp for all the family.  Pater sallis to voice William Wallace, by putting on a very shonky scotch accent