Archive | December, 2012

DIY SS (Guest Post by Stuart Horner)

6 Dec

Nick Knowles and the team visit scout groups around the country and have just 48 hours to turn them into hate filled Nazi zealots. Hilarity, and mass deportations ensue.


The Jing Jang jong Bang Theory

6 Dec

Comedy in which members of hyped-by-the-NME-in-2007 band Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong attempt to impress ladies by talking about how their frontman used to drum for The Pipettes, with hillarious consequences.


The Big Bing Theory

6 Dec

Sheldon, Leonard and the others manage to resurrect long-dead crooner Bing Crosbie, but they accidently make him 60 feet tall, giving him an unusually deep voice, which rejuvenates his singing career.

The Big Gang Theory

6 Dec

Comedy about some nerds who accidentally join a violent group of youths, with hilarious consequences.

Blade in Chelsea

6 Dec

Wesley Snipes’ vampire from the popular whock’em sock’em 90s franchise is back, wreaking havoc amongst insufferable posh people who mumble through their lives in an upmarket part of London.