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27 Jun

A kitchen cooking vessel becomes the seventh avatar of Vishnu, with hilarious consequences.


The Great British Sowing Bee

27 Jun

Heartwarming family drama about a young, patriotic apiarist who trains one of his hive to plant seeds.

Brexit at Tiffany’s

27 Jun

One night David Cameron finds Boris Johnson climbing through his window. He is fascinated by his eccentric behaviour and apparent connections to the mob. A strange courtship follows in which Boris repeatedly exhibits bizaare behaviour and threatens to run away to marry other people for money. David becomes fed up and moves out of his apartment, months later Boris writes him a telegram asking Dave out for dinner, though only because he is about to leave the country to pursue another wealthy man. The two of them are arrested due to Boris’ dealings with the criminal underworld. Dave is not charged and meets Boris upon his being bailed from prison holding Boris’ cat. They argue and Boris releases the unfortunate kitty into the pouring rain, Dave confront’s Boris over his ridiculous behaviour towards him before running off to look for the cat. Eventually Dave and Boris find each other and wrestle manfully in the downpour before falling into a gutter kissing. Meanwhile the poor cat – the real victim here – is run over by an articulated lorry.


T.R.I.S.T.A.N. & iSolder

23 Jun

A heartbreaking miniseries about two robots. T.R.I.S.T.A.N is a war machine set to collect the repairbot iSolder and take them to Mark 1, the cyborg leader of Cornwall. Caught in a battle on their journey iSolder repairs T.R.I.S.T.A.N’s wounds with their next-gen soldering skills. However their relationship remains robotlike and cold until they accidentally have a virus uploaded onto their systems and fall suddenly, irrevocably in love. The two bots realise that their love is incompatible with their current standing orders and they go on the run. As such they have broached one of the key laws of robotics, is this a skynet moment or is it simply true love?  Mark 1,must try to track them down and make a decision, should the robots be allowed to love, free from the constraints forced upon them by man or should they be crushed into tiny robo-cubes?

Mark’s Zucker Iceberg

12 Jun

Aaron Sorkin returns to tell the story of Mark Zuckerberg taking on the Winklevi in this 12 part sequel to the Social Network that asks what if  Mark Zuckerberg  tried to prevent rising sea levels by spending all of his money on sugar and making it into massive icebergs to offset the melting icecaps?  The consequences are tragic as it becomes apparent that not only is the issue more icecap than iceberg, but in a dramatic twist in the final episode – sugar is soluble. Consequentially water levels actually rise more than they would have done without the intervention of Zuckerberg. The Winklevi stop claiming it was all their idea and instead row around Zuckerberg’s now flooded mansion gloating and jeering.