Brexit at Tiffany’s

27 Jun

One night David Cameron finds Boris Johnson climbing through his window. He is fascinated by his eccentric behaviour and apparent connections to the mob. A strange courtship follows in which Boris repeatedly exhibits bizaare behaviour and threatens to run away to marry other people for money. David becomes fed up and moves out of his apartment, months later Boris writes him a telegram asking Dave out for dinner, though only because he is about to leave the country to pursue another wealthy man. The two of them are arrested due to Boris’ dealings with the criminal underworld. Dave is not charged and meets Boris upon his being bailed from prison holding Boris’ cat. They argue and Boris releases the unfortunate kitty into the pouring rain, Dave confront’s Boris over his ridiculous behaviour towards him before running off to look for the cat. Eventually Dave and Boris find each other and wrestle manfully in the downpour before falling into a gutter kissing. Meanwhile the poor cat – the real victim here – is run over by an articulated lorry.



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