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Internationalist Rescue

21 Jul

The Thunderbirds crew have had a dramatic ideological transformation. A rescue attempt on board a high speed jet train results in them blindly sacrificing the lives of hundreds of workers as they lift the passenger carriages from the track but leave the front carriage, complete with engineer and driver, to career into a busy industrial estate that surrounds the train sidings that they have successfully diverted the train into. Afterwards, celebrating a successful rescue John Tracy, who watched the whole thing from Thunderbird 5 gives a rousing and chastising speech to the rest of the team, the scales fall from the Tracys’ eyes and they finally see the techno-fascist world in which they live. Lady Penelope immediately resigns – a staunch capitalist of course – Parker however takes on a more central role in the now horizontally organised Internationalist Rescue.  As a consequence of this dramatic turn around the Thunderbirds re-focus their efforts on supporting labour disputes throughout the world, and the series follows their revolutionary efforts.





6 Jul

Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts buy the houses of people that have recently had them reposessed and make them watch while they destroy them with hammers – laughing.

This Guy At Night

5 Jul

In a time of budget cuts, even the pittance on which the BBC’s flagship astronomy programme is made begins to look vulnerable.  The solution then is just to film Professor Chris Lintott in his back garden at night, squinting through a telescope.  No crew, no graphics, no fuss.